Rider's Inn
The Annual Christmas Tree and Wreath
Silent Auction for the Daughters of the
American Revolution
Once again, Rider's Inn in Painesville will is the scene of the
Daughter's of the American Revolution Christmas Tree and Wreath silent
auction.  Rider's owner, Elaine Crane, has been generously supportive
of this event.  It is one to which she really looks forward.  

Proceeds raised from this event will go toward Wreath's Around America - a movement to put wreaths
on all fallen soldier's graves.  Please come by and see the trees/wreaths, they will be on display
through December 16th when all bids will be closed.  If you are the highest bid you will be called to
come by Rider's Inn and pick up your tree.

In advance, we thank you for your contribution to this wonderful cause
 This is year's auction will end
December 16th - special brunch price $10 per person between 2:00 pm and 4:00pm as the auction closes.