Rider's Inn
Date: May 27, 2014

To All the Wonderful People at Riders,
Just returned home from our trip last night.  My husband and I rehashed our trip and kept bringing
up your name.  We enjoyed site-seeing in Ohio and felt very much at home in your B & B. It wasn't
a very long vacation for us but we did savor every minute of it.  Thanks to all of you for your
excellent services and kindness!


P.S.  We forgot our dinner in your frig!  We were so looking forward to having lunch the next day
on the road.  Guess I had grandbaby on my mind.  Next time .....
“4th Stay - STILL LOVING IT!”
Reviewed March 10, 2014

Rider's Inn has become my home away from home while I am in Cleveland. I love the historic laid back
setting, the friendly staff, and accommodations. During our most recent stay, the power went out in the
city, and the staff at Rider's Inn made the best of it.

People coming here expecting a 5 star Hilton resort should consider going elsewhere. This is a historic
tavern/bar and Inn. You come here to kick back, have a few drinks, enjoy good food, laugh with the
locals, and forget your troubles. They know us by name now, and when we leave we always get hugs.
“Treated like family”

My stay at Riders was extremely nice. The atmosphere was very very nice. The room, although a little
warm, was very home like I absolutely loved the old trunk at the end of the bed. The greeter Sukki was
extremely friendly. My food was absolutely great along with the band that played. They were very
entertaining. The decorations through out the inn was very nice. The waitress was very nice as well, she
kept my glass full of pepsi I had to tell her no more. After I was done eating and was just enjoying the
music she continued to see if I needed anything else. The owner in the morning was an amazing person
I just wish I could have met her the night before, she treated me like family and it felt like I was at home
and knew her forever. The next time I visit and there will be a next time I definitely will bring cookies to
share. I am hoping to return soon along with my husband and hopefully will be able to come back with
the group of people that bought me here this time. This place is by all means an amazing place to visit
and stay and eat at.